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What is an Aran Sweater?

Aran Sweaters are a versatile style of sweater that take its origin from the Aran islands off the coast of Donegal in County Donegal in Ireland. The name comes from the Arans, or islands. A traditional Aran sweater is usually white in colour, with cable patterned sleeves and arms. The arms are usually square or rectangular and are often used to accentuate a round face. The sleeves are usually wider than they are long; however, in some cases the sleeves can be short.

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Today, an Aran sweater can be purchased at many retailers. However, it is not always easy to find the sweater style that is right for you! So, before you start shopping, take the time to look around online and see if there is a sweater style that you like. By using the internet and searching the various online retailers, you can find an online retailer with a variety of different sweater styles to choose from. Visit Irish Aran Sweaters for a wide choice.

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In the United States, the Aran sweater is very popular, and the style is often associated with Ireland, as well as Irish folk music. Some people associate the style known as the ‘Irish cuffs’ sweater. Many people believe that the sweater style was first developed in the seventeenth century and was then adopted by the Irish and other European people. A sweater style made from wool, or an unprocessed variety of wool, was then popularized in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by Irish women who emigrated to the United States. A great deal of research has been done in the United States on the history and origin of the sweater style.


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