Will be there Geordie Shore season 22?

If there is a series, or well, a reality show that has grown old as time passes, it is Geordie Shore. With 21 seasons, it continues to enchant viewers. This is why many of us wonder, Will there be Geordie Shore Season 22?

In this short post, we will tell you all about Geordie Shore, what it is about, when season 22 opens or if it was canceled. If you want to know what will happen to the future of the series. Read on: Taboo Season 2 Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Geordie Shore season 22

Will there be Geordie Shore Season 22? When it premieres?

Fortunately for fans who have been wondering whether or not there will be season 22. We inform you that it is already official. There will be Geordie Shore season 22. Even, for now, a 23rd season is planned for the series.

However, there is still no release date for the twenty-second season. We can only say that filming began in June 2021 in Newcastle upon Tyne. The premiere was scheduled for this year, 2021 since it was going to be filmed at the end of 2020. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, filming was delayed due to continuous restrictions.

What is Geordie Shore about?

Since 2011 Geordie Shore has been a series that has kept fans of the Reality TV and/or documentary genre wanting more. The series or program is about the daily life of a group of young people living together on the coast of Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields. Geordie Shore is a British adaptation of the Jersey Shore program, maintaining many references and similarities.

The program currently has 21 seasons, the first premiering on May 24, 2011. Over time, the series has changed location, as well as the incorporation of characters. It includes cast members from various parts of England, as well as from Italy and Australia, plus several born in Asian countries.

Who will be in season 22 of Geordie Shore?

Geordie Shore season 22

As we mentioned before, the series has been incorporating new characters season after season. However, it has not yet been confirmed who will be in this new installment.

What is certain, as it was announced in an interview, is that former cast members will return. This is because of the eleventh anniversary of the program. So if you’ve been following the show for several seasons, some faces will be familiar to you.

What we can deduce is that members like Gaz and Aaron most likely will not return because they have already formed a family and even have children. So the adventures that we used to see them on in Geordie Shore are not something that interests them now.

Main Cast

Here are some of the actors who will be part of the new season of Geordie Shore. As we already mentioned, the series has one of the best casts ever seen, among which are:

Gary Beadle, Marnie Simpson, Charlotte Crosby, Aaron Chalmers, Chloe Ferry, Holly Hagan, acting as the characters: Gaz, Herself, Herself, Aaron, Chloe, Holly (respectively). Among other characters surprises that you cannot miss.

Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see Geordie Shore Season 22.

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