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11 advantages of video marketing as an online marketing strategy

The video marketing or viral marketing is the transmission of messages, usually in a humorous, ironic and fun and main tone through videos. So, they are consumers themselves who transmit it, thus generating a video range capable of creating a good brand image for the company that created it. Let’s know about the advantages of video marketing.

Video marketing is already done a very upward trend and is being increasingly used by companies as an online marketing strategy for their effectiveness and scope. And do not forget that at the level of web positioning, Google weighs better to those websites or online stores that implement videos on site.

Advantages of video marketing

In recent years, video marketing has become an indispensable tool in online marketing for companies. But what can this technique offer you so that it has become so important?

Drive traffic

Drive traffic to your website

If the video is good, the volume of visits or traffic to your website will be increased dramatically, especially from social networks as a source of majority traffic.

Increase in the number of fans in social networks

Social networks are the main vehicle of diffusion in video marketing. Therefore, if we do video marketing, the biggest explosion at the level of communication should occur in social networks, because that is where we can achieve greater influence and relevance as a brand.

Improvement of the Engagement

The specific action of video marketing can be successful and have an impact on recruitment. But doing more than one involves talking about loyalty and users who will be waiting for us to do more or less interesting actions on social networks. Remember, if your engagement increases, it means that users are more aware of what you do, so you can also dedicate.



Now that we all have a SmartPhone and a Tablet and that the user experience is another rising factor, accessibility is critical within the digital marketing strategy. The more people can see it from these devices better because we also have in mind that the highest percentage of video diffusion (sharing) is produced from these devices.

Adolescents and people who are constantly on the internet will help us without hesitation and passively in the dissemination. Now, if we want influencers of our sector in social networks to help us move it, we must know who we have to address and how.

Improvement of the web positioning

It is no secret that those companies that implement videos in their online marketing strategy and on their website, significantly improve their search engine positioning. Perhaps it is another reason of interest for which to work video marketing and video marketing.

More information on the company and its context

While your brand is not the most important in video marketing, keep in mind that in the end, your goal is to get more sales. Therefore, you must introduce it subtly, in the style of Branded Content, but with security, as well as achieving visibility, brand memory, and positive online reputation.



It is important to emphasize that we must understand that the dissemination strategy that we carry out does not only depend on the company that broadcasts the video, but also on the willingness to share it by the users. Virality is only achieved when your audience disseminates it and shares it.

How to make a good video marketing strategy?

As important as the idea or script of the video is the goal you want to achieve: increase sales (in parallel to the diffusion), attraction or diffusion of a specific product, reach a specific target audience.

video marketing strategy

Make easy

The video marketing that you make must be fast, agile and simple. Poses a Storytelling able to hook the user and do not make him think. You have to see it, you have to like it, and you have to be able to spread it as soon as possible.

Encourages user participation

The direct interaction of the users is increasingly taken into account in video marketing. Many campaigns are in fact actions in which the direct role is played by the user who interacts with a product of the company. If it works, it is very likely that sales will increase significantly.

Search for good dissemination channels

No matter how good your video is, if people do not see it, it will never be viral. The strategy in social networks is critical, but it is not enough to leave the video. Working proactively and even initiating paid publicity actions on social networks will help to a great extent.

Search for related communities and users to support you and ask for help at the dissemination level. If a video that you have published and you are broadcasting can reach you again as a recipient by the action of other users, you will see that the work done is on the right track.

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