Healthy pasta salad

Healthy pasta salad. One of the big problems we have with the consumption of pasta is the custom that we have to accompany them with sauces, in addition to the traditional pasta is made with refined wheat flour. This does not mean that we have to leave the pasta aside in our diet, you just have to go a little further and look for pasta based on whole grains. You can find these more special whole-grain pasta in any herbalist.

With respect to sauces, we will have to avoid those that are already prepared and elaborate on healthier options ourselves. The recipe is very simple and fast, it is kept superbly in the fridge. Here are some tips for  Healthy pasta salad. We go with the ingredients:

INGREDIENTSHealthy pasta salad

-250 grams of wholemeal pasta

-150 grams of canons or spinach

-1 medium tomato

-1 clove garlic

-30 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds

-Two soup spoons of extra virgin olive oilHealthy pasta salad

-A dessert spoon of apple cider vinegar

-Pink salt of the Himalayas and pepper


COOK PASTAHealthy pasta salad

3 parts of water for one of pasta, you can cook pasta to taste.


We clean the canons or spinach and the tomato and after cutting it we put it in a bowl next to the pasta.


In a pan over low heat, brown the pips with some chopped garlic. Outside the fire add the vinegar and mix it.


Once the vinaigrette is completely cold, we serve it to taste in the bowl and the salad is ready.

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