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8 qualities of a good marketer that every fresher should know

Do you combine the qualities of a good marketer? Many people think to be a good marketer you have to be made of special pasta. There’s no magic in it, and I will prove it to you.

We are all trained to sell. There are clear differences between a successful salesperson and a mediocre salesperson. We let ourselves be influenced in excess.

The 8 qualities of a good marketer

After having analyzed the context, it is time to reveal the 8 qualities of a good marketer. There is no good marketer’s manual, unique or definitive. These qualities are not standardized. They have shown it that their activation brings great benefits.


# 1 Plan

Many times I went out to sell with no planning. I thought I had everything controlled in my memory. Thanks to my years of experience. But actually I was cheating myself. When I planned the evening before I went out to sell, I discovered that I was more productive. So I got better results.

In sales, it is essential to plan and not leave anything to chance. For many years you have in business. Consider planning as a habit, under the parameters of Principle 20/80.

According to this theory, “20% of the daily activities you do, generate 80% of your results”. Knowing what activities are important and focusing on them will make you more productive.

needs of the client

# 2 They are oriented to the needs of the client

Once I was in front of a customer making a sales presentation. I did it without knowing if my product could help solve any of their needs. After finishing, the client told me “I do not use or spend your product”.

If you do not want to end up putting a circumstance face, like me, know the needs of your customers. Investigate how your product or service solves the need. Knowing this data, you can start your presentation focusing on the benefits you will generate. But this you only achieve by asking, asking and asking.

sales and profits

# 3 They know what they sell and they express it in profits

Selling a product or service means knowing it perfectly with its features. It is necessary to explain those characteristics. It can solve the customer’s problems.

Keep in mind that the customer only cares about the benefits of a product. When in your presentation you only refer to the characteristics, the client thinks “Well, and me that …”. This happens because you do not finish seeing the benefit that the product or service will bring you. Expressing the characteristics is a basic aspect in the decalogue of the good marketer.

good diet

# 4 They have a good diet

You ask yourself, what relationship do you have between what you eat and the sales you make? A lot. A good diet allows you to perform better at work. Be more productive. Remember that if you want to sell more, you will need a lot of energy. And this how do you get it? Take care of your diet.

Energy is the gasoline that feeds our engine and allows us to move. Without energy we can not think well, or concentrate. Maintaining a good level of energy also means exercising and drinking lots of water. As you will see, eating properly and leading a healthy life is part of the qualities of a good marketer. Did you not expect it?


# 5 They are formed continuously and use new media

Training is another key to being a successful salesperson. Achieving customer feedback, “fishing” they only achieve business opportunities and maintaining the sales spirit with constant training. In addition, as times change, sales also, so it is important to update.

If you are an entrepreneurial leader, or a commercial worker, try to train with successful mentors and consultants. If you can afford the best, do not hesitate. Initially, your pocket will “rechistará”, but later it will thank you. Many people think that when you accumulate experience, you do not need to train. Big mistake. Even the most veteran must be constantly trained. I’ve been selling for almost 15 years, and there are still things that escape me.

“When we begin to believe that we know everything, it is when we need to train the most”

Include different areas

In addition, consider different areas. Therefore, acquire knowledge about sales techniques. But also on the organizational and motivational part. Also, you must train around the product or service you offer. The change that sales are undergoing, demands a permanent update.

And is that the ways of consuming information are no longer those of 10 or 15 years ago? The new generations, who are your future customers, have different buying behaviors. These behaviors have been determined by new media, such as social networks, which are now also used to sell. That’s why I’m constantly training.

communication skills

# 6 Develop communication skills

Another of the qualities of a good salesman is communication. In order to sell, you must communicate the benefits of the product or service. Therefore, the person in charge of commercialization must know how to transmit the message. It is understood and processed.  Developing communication skills can make a difference in sales.

In fact, they are a key factor for who assumes these tasks. These encompass both verbal and corporal language management. They also take into account aspects such as patience, assertiveness, and the ability to interact with others. Accept criticism or convince without imposing, is an assertive way to communicate.

These skills involve:

Voice tone: It convinces more who uses correct words and speaks in an intermediate tone of voice, neither very low nor very high. Also, who complements his words with well-articulated gestures and expressions? There are studies that show that 86% of what we transmit is expressed non-verbally. If we do it badly, the understanding of the message can not be entirely good.

Visual contact: Maintaining eye contact with the interlocutor also convinces and builds trust. The same happens when we keep calm before raised answers of everything. Or when we speak slowly and we give our interlocutor room to intervene.

Then, the successful salesman, entrepreneur or entrepreneur must not only know how to speak but also must know how to listen. In this sense, communication fluency is concrete when the exchange of information is done in a balanced way. Do you want to improve your communication skills? These are my tips:

  • Do practical exercises, in private, and record them so that later you can analyze yourself.
  • Recognize with sincerity what skills you must improve and in which you have advanced.
  • Look for feedback with someone close to you to compare opinions about the analysis.

good presence

# 7 They have a good presence

A popular saying goes that the first impression remains. Many see it as something corny, but it is the truth. As we show up, we’ll sell like that. For some classified ads put: “Seek marketer with a good presence.” If you arrive at a “disheveled” prospect, he will always remember you like that. And the worst is that you will associate your product or service with your appearance.

Surely there will be those who think: “What he sells is so bad that he does not even shave.” And it is understandable. As the products we buy “enter through the eyes”, any negative visual aspect can stop the sale. Remember that to sell something, we have to sell ourselves first.

I recommend, at least, to dress according to the occasion and maintain the cleanliness. I also suggest more effort in the face’s aspect: clean teeth, eyes without a brow, careful beard, and combed hair. Use perfume, load scarves and have an elegant pen, raise your score. But do not exaggerate, you’re not going to a party.

sales techniques

# 8 Constantly improve their sales techniques

Besides receiving constant training to update yourself, apply that knowledge to improve your sales techniques. With related to new technologies, for example, you can instruct potential clients interested in that area. So you raise new approaches around their needs and you can surprise them. This is part of the qualities of a good marketer.

If you are worthy of personalization, permanent training will be a great ally to achieve your goals. As you get more knowledge, you will have a greater ability to adapt the message to each interlocutor. Also, if you influence them positively, they will end up thinking the decision was theirs. And they will buy because they do not feel manipulated.

Fundamental axes for the development of the qualities of a good marketer

In order to fully develop the qualities of a good marketer, and be successful in your venture, you will have to:

Set goals: These are the goals that will guide sales. These must be specific, quantifiable, realistic and achievable.

Establish habits for each aim: Aristotle said: “We are what we do every day. So that excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Lighter, impossible. It is then to consider routines that allow the development of objectives.

Empty the habits for the development of objectives in a Gantt chart: In this way you can determine the time you will dedicate to the different routines in a given period.

Be disciplined. This implies knowing how to manage time, be organized, train, concentrate on the best prospects, set goals and fulfill them. The discipline is present in all the qualities of a good marketer. Do you combine the qualities of a good marketer?

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