The best alternatives to Netflix that you do not know

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming video platforms in the world. It has a wide range of series, movies and other videos that make more and more users. We can see our favorite chapters anywhere from our mobile or Tablet. However, it is not the only video transmission platform that exists in the world, far from it. In this article, we are going to name some interesting alternatives to Netflix.

Alternatives to Netflix

The competition is fierce. There are other platforms that offer similar content to Netflix. However, the catalog may vary, as well as reproduction options, prices and other features that users may consider.

Amazon Prime Videoalternatives to Netflix

This is another of the most popular services that we can find today. It is available in many countries around the world. One of the features offered is Amazon’s Prime service, for sending faster or free packages, for example.

It is true that it does not have a catalog as extensive as Netflix, but Amazon Prime Video has many own productions. One of the most positive points is that it can also serve as a hub for subscribing to channels like HBO. Also, the price plays in your favor, as well as a free music subscription.

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HBOalternatives to Netflix

Surely many of us have seen series made by this platform. Some of the most famous are the Game of Thrones or Westworld. It is another of the most interesting alternatives we can find to see our favorite series anywhere.

With an HBO account, we have access to a multitude of movies, series, documentaries, programs …

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Cracklealternatives to Netflix

Crackle is the ideal option for those who do not want to spend anything on subscriptions. Of course, we must bear in mind that we will have to see more ads. It is logical. It also has its own series and other very interesting contents.

We have the option of viewing the chapters on mobile devices, a computer or on a Smart TV. It is another of the alternatives to Netflix that we can use.

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Qubit TValternatives to Netflix

Qubit TV is more oriented to movie lovers . Especially to large works not necessarily recent. It does not have a television series. It has a free version of a limited period of time and later it becomes paid. It also offers the possibility of renting movies.

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Again we have at our disposal the possibility of watching movies from our mobile or desktop computer. One more option to take our favorite movies everywhere.

Mubialternatives to Netflix

Mubi is another of the alternatives to Netflix that we can find. It stands out for the wide range of systems where we can use it. It is an offer from the streaming business. It is specialized in blockbuster films of all times.

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YouTube Moviesalternatives to Netflix

I could not miss the largest video platform in the world. It also has a paid service where we can watch many movies. One more option, one of the alternatives to Netflix that we can find.

YouTube Movies has a wide range of possibilities for all audiences.

Do you know any other interesting Netflix alternative?

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