How to save space in your bedroom

Not everyone is blessed with a large bedroom and if yours is a little on the cramped side, you could do with some genius space-saving hacks. It’s all about making the most of the available space you have, so here are some ideas to maximise that space and have the bedroom of your dreams:

A young person’s room could have a fold-down desk instead of a free-standing one that takes up valuable space. When not in use, it can be folded back up onto the wall, freeing up floor space.

save space in your bedroom

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Perhaps you could make use of hooks on the back of a door for a useful place to hang towels and jackets, for example. This will free up valuable wardrobe space and should prevent a cluttered room with clothes left dumped on the floor.

Did you know that a clever hack to add more space to a wardrobe without the need for additional hangers is to use the ring-pulls from drink cans? You can hook these on the hangers and straight away double up your hanging capacity.

Got too many shoes clogging up valuable wardrobe space? You can easily create your own shoe rack for storage all types of footwear. Find many tutorials online which show you how to achieve this simple solution with minimal effort.

Floating shelves are a useful way to increase storage space without the need for furniture taking up floor space. These are a great tool for making use of awkward or narrow spaces that would otherwise be wasted and are too small to incorporate a traditional cabinet or bookcase.

Don’t want to waste valuable floor space with a laundry basket? Buy a hanging fabric hamper that can be hooked on the back of a bedroom door instead.

Another option for rooms with restricted space is to install fitted wardrobes. These make great use of space in areas which might otherwise be tricky to install a traditional free-standing piece of furniture. For Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire, visit

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Don’t overlook the space underneath your bed as an ideal storage spot. Specially designed storage beds are an option, or you could raise your existing bed and invest in some cheap slide-in containers. If you want to disguise this storage, fit a bed skirt or valance sheet to cover up any unsightly boxes.

A little organisation goes a long way, so reconsider how your wardrobe and drawers are organised. Quite possibly, your clothes could be better organised to make use of every available inch in a more effective manner. Consider adding in extra clothing rods or hangers for over the door.

Another great space-saving tip is to consider choosing double-duty furniture items. These are far more effective than single pieces of furniture that only serve one purpose. An example is a nightstand that has drawers or a floating drawer instead of a simple shelf. Instead of having a table, install a storage cabinet and you’ll soon see how much extra storage space you have created. However, if you don’t have the time to go to a mall and purchase these items, save yourself some trouble and just rent a self storage facility in Brighton. They might offer to pick up your items for free too.

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