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American real estate shopper or real estate personal advisor

American real estate shopper or real estate personal advisory. Do you hear the term personal shopper? It is a professional who is responsible for finding clothes. Or personalized goods for each client, taking into account your needs, interests and own characteristics. This term can also be applied to our sector, giving rise to the figure of the personal real estate shopper.

What is American  real estate shopper?

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The main difference between a American  real estate shopper and an agent. Is that the first one does not look for clients for the properties he has on his real estate website .

  • As you undoubtedly know, the real estate agent’s functions focus on connecting property sellers and potential buyers.
  • This relationship between buyers and sellers is the basis of your business. Since the more properties and better, the easier for the agent.
  • The personal real estate agent, on the other hand, works tailor-made, looking for properties that adjust to what the client is looking for. Instead of receiving a commission for the sale of the property, it charges its client, that is, the buyer.

Imagine that you have to move to another country for work or travel to a country where you do not master the language. American  real estate shopper works for you to save you time and effort. Especially if you are not physically in the place where you want to buy or rent.

Make an investigation of the properties that fit what the client is looking for, and usually works exclusively for him.

In addition, he realizes a first screening of real estate, visiting them, to make sure that they fit his client. This saves a lot of work, in addition to the search and management of property appointments.

There are three very different customer profiles:

Customer with economic capacity

The first of them, the one with the most economic capacity, seeks real estate in our country, of which he does not know the language. Or the characteristics, sometimes even, or the area.

Client with executive profile

After. There is the profile that we have just commented, that of a national executive who must travel for work. And who does not have time to search, arrange visits, go to and come to agencies, etc. He prefers to hire the services of professionals who save them all this work.

Customer with company profile

Finally, many companies that seek to expand their business to other cities use this figure for the same reasons. If every time they have a visit they have to move from town, they end up losing time and money. It is much simpler to hire a real estate personal advisory who knows the city and who performs all the relevant procedures.

How to be American  real estate shopper

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Although it is called a personal real estate shopper. We can also call it a real estate personal advisory. Or personal real estate agent

  • The main difference is that it works for the buyer of the property, usually exclusively.
  • This figure is not anchored in the environment of traditional agencies, so most likely you need to find a specific agency. Or company of this type of professionals.
  • Logically, they need a customer base, which is not easy to achieve.
  • The customer profile is usually people who do not have time to personally search for real estate. And prefer to pay someone because it facilitates this work.
  • In the video that you can see below these lines you can see an interview with a personal real estate agent. Where the main issues that affect this new professional figure are formulated.

As is logical, to be a personal shopper, you simply have to be autonomous and contribute to social security in order to bill your services.

How much does American  real estate shopper charge? Rates and fees

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They usually work exclusively. It is necessary to mention that they usually charge 50% in advance, to reinforce the commitment between client and professional.

Their rates are not fixed, and it depends a lot on the specialization of each one. Those who specialize in luxury residences will have a higher personal shopper fee than others.

It will also depend a lot on the region in which this professional develops his activities. As you undoubtedly know, coastal areas. Where many foreigners look for retirement or holiday properties, can be an ideal territory.

Especially if you know the language of the customers who want to buy or rent in the area. Surely more than once you have seen agencies specialized in clients of Russian or German origin. Who do not speak the language and for those who look for a house in our country is complicated.

Association of American  real estate Shopper

To be a member of this association, you need to fulfill a series of requirements, such as being registered in the Economic Activities Tax. It is also possible to belong to the association if you have a Fiscal License. The annual tax required to carry out a commercial activity.

  • In addition, you must commit to defend the interests of your future clients, that is, the buyers of the properties that they are hiring.
  • It is important to highlight that this association has a gerontological code that defines the functions of these professionals. To be part of it, you must adhere to this code.

Finally, you must comply with the payment of the corresponding fees of the association.

Course of American  real estate shopper

Everything in this article is interesting, do not you think?

  • The most probable thing is that at this moment you are considering what you should do to be able to practice this profession.
  • To achieve this, it is important that you have the necessary training.
  • If you want to take a real estate personal shopper course, you can contact the APES, they will inform you of where and how to receive the necessary training to qualify professionally.

Course content:

  • Arguments to sell the custom service exclusively by the buyer:
  • Positioning and commitments
  • The client, origin, destination and Competitive Advantage
  • Argument for the sale of PSI service
  • Where is the customer of the service?
  • How to segment to locate potential customers of the service
  • Service fees
  • Contract
  • Content of the Service
  • Communication tools
  • First interview with the client:
  • Detecting your needs, your desires and your reality.
  • Real estate search: property report.
  • Real estate visits
  • The decision-making table.
  • How to work the objections of the client?
  • Negotiation of the purchase of the property: How to establish strategy with our client.
  • Close Buy. Support in Complementary Services: technical, financial, legal.
  • After-sales service Some figures of the Service.

Contract of American  real estate shopper

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The work of this American  real estate agent is regulated by a contract between the professional and the client. This contract must include all the aspects that affect the services to be provided. That is what work the professional will perform, the fees, as well as the obligations of the clients.

It is important that this type of personal real estate contract is written by a lawyer, as it will serve as a framework for client-professional relations.

Real estate shopper contract model

We provide you with a real estate personal shopper contract model that summarizes the main functions developed by a professional and what a client who hires the services commits to. Click here to download it. This document is made by the company Geometer Services Mobilizations and has been assigned to Limoges for us to put it as an example.

Do you tell us your experience as American  real estate shopper? We would love to complete this article with the information you provide.

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