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Your own real life Home Cinema experience in the coastal, City port of Plymouth.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Devon is the coastal city port of Plymouth, a thriving hub of residents, tourists, visitors and students, all calling this muti-cultural city home. To enjoy a real Luxury Home Cinema Plymouth experience invest in a modern, state-of-the-art cinema system from a professional company.  They can guarantee the clearest pictures and totally immersive surround sound that you would expect from such a quality, bespoke, home cinema entertainment system. Sutton Harbour in Plymouth is well known as being the home of sharks and magnificent Rays, housed in the National Marine Aquarium there. Your family and friends could experience the wonders of the world under the sea with you, in the comfort of your own home if you invested in a futuristic home cinema system.

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The ocean and the wonderfully colourful creatures that live within its somewhat harsh environment will come to life as you fully immerse yourselves into the crystal-clear sights and sounds on your big screen, sitting in the comfort of your own armchairs. Gasp in terror and delight as the huge sharks seem to swim directly in front of you, watch in awe as the myriad of jellyfish and octopus seem to glide effortlessly in front of your eyes.

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The Pilgrim Fathers set sail to search for the “New World” from the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth Harbour and with their bespoke home cinema system you could experience the same perilous journey they undertook in the year 1620.

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