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iRobot Roomba 805 review for home lovers

How to bicolor cat for the first time was my eyes on a Roomba for few times. But I did not have the fund or need, really.

However, when I was in my cousin’s house and I saw that he was with two dogs and two rugged cats, I wanted to know more. He told me that he liked it – when it was not ideal, he was sitting at home.

In December 2016, I found that Costco iRobot Roomba 805 – $50 by $24, and $350 for it especially. So, I bought one – the entire purpose of reviewing it for the site.

I am so happy that I bought it – I feel very happy having it in my home and this is the first choice of all the pet owners.

It is not perfect in any way. But it’s cool. I do not know how incredibly this robot vacuum is suitable for everyone’s home. My house was founded in 1940 and there are several floors like hardwood, carpet, and tile in different small rooms.

It stops on some of my furniture – but it comes with the little things that you can set up to go from wherever you do not want to go. See my final Roomba 805 review video below to see what I mean.

It’s excluded few things like hair, debris, molecules etc. – but overall, it works much better than I’ve ever been. I used to vacuum for two days in a week. Sadly, I dislike vacuuming. This thing is vacuum daily and I just feel like a vacuum.

Of course, it requires a vacuum which does not get my stairs and other nooks and crannies, but I can find them very quickly.

I can run this thing anytime or when I can sleep, then it can determine when to run. There was a problem with determining its timing with the pet owner (which I talked about on our final review video below) – a pet owner’s dog that went # 2 and Roomba roamed around the house and it became viral.

But Generally, my cats do not do toilet outside their liters box – If they vomit, then they do it around the basement and the barber does not always come at all, so there is no worry. When it is a hairstyle, I will likely adjust it to run manually.

I work for myself in my house. I’m calling the conference, and when I got the call, I checked iRobot Roomba. No one can hear it – which ends me because, I can kill two birds with birds.

I was surprised by just one hour of the week on the holidays – so I used to work in cleaning my kitchen when Roomba opened my vacuum for me!

I have a Roomba on my main floor – but for a week or even vacuum, it will be brought in the basement and on my second floor. And let’s run it till battery powered – then I bring it down to charge it.


Roomba® 805 vacuuming robot give you every day deeper experience. Combined with revolutionary aerospace® cleaner system, Roomba 805 air power supplies up to 1x 5x and needs less maintenance.

To run up to 7x per week, simply press Roomba or Schedule Roomba. Roomba works on almost all floor types and is planned to adjust under 3.6 “tall, particularly most furniture, beds, and kickboards.

Roomba® 805 gives you 6-month limited warranty for battery inclusion, with limited warranties for 12-month robots.

To turn on your warranty, enroll your Roomba at irobot.com/register. By indexing your robot, you can enjoy access to:

  • It’s easy to follow directional videos to help maintain your Roomba. Some maintenance needs to keep your Roomba top maintenance running.
  • Answers, with questions and maintenance tips, support for your specific robots. You can also chat with iRobot award winning customer care team.


There are extrusion extractors of The AeroForce® 3-stage saving system, and Zen 2 motors for improved clean performance and low maintenance. Dual Counter-Routing Extractors Includes Durable Rubber Trend Design, which reduces any floor type dirt while reducing hair tune and brush maintenance.

The system uses three advanced technology combinations: movement, extraction, and suction.


iAdapt® uses the full suite of responsive navigation sensors, enabling RUN to navigate your unique home. Roomba furniture, beds and kickboards are nearby and almost clean, even going under the bed skirts and screens, when navigating around all clutter. Cliff detection sensor avoids the escape of Roomba stairs and other dangerous drops.

At just 3.6 “height, the Roomba Low-profile design makes it clean under the sofa and chairs.


With Dart Detect ™ Series II technology, optical and acoustic sensors detect absent holes and then clean focus on where it is needed.

Dirt Detect ™ can detect high synthesis of dirt, dust even pet hair.


Tow dual modes of virtual wall barrier give you more monitoring over where you clean your robot.

Halo mode keeps your robot away from some items that you want to protect, such as pet sticks

Virtual Wall Mode Your robot keeps the cells you want to clean and those you do not want.


iAdapt® Responsive Navigation Feature- Navigate your unique home, clean clutter around and avoid stairs.

Low Profile Design Feature – Designed to clean under the sofa, kickboards, and bed.


Easy operation – just clean up and get your robot work done

Auto charging – Dock and recharge automatically, so Roomba is always ready to clean

Schedule – Convenient 7 Weeks 7x Vacuum Presets Per Week


3-Stage Cleaning System – Uses a combination of agitation, brushing and suction.

Spinning Side Brush – Gently clean the edge of the wall and corners.

Our Verdict: The Roomba 805

When the robot vacuum arrives, Roomba 805 offers a nice high-end alternative with some nice features. HEPA filters and advanced vacuuming systems should appeal to everyone especially related to air purity.

Although it does not come with some features (like WiFi) that we want to see in a model that passes bare-bone, it reaches a great middle ground with advanced features.

If you really want high technical options you have to spend more money. But if you are happy without the option of mobile application, Roomba 805 will do a great job automatically by cleaning your home.  Its available online through sites like homeplix.com where you can shop and order for your convenience.

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