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5 e-commerce trends that will transform the way of selling online in 2020

The way of selling online evolves and only those who attend to the wishes of their consumers with more and better experiences will get the plus to stand out from their competition and stay among the favorites.

If you are immersed in the world of electronic commerce, know now the 5 trends that will set the standard in the sector this 2020 and stay out of the way to get more out of your business selling online.

1. Implement AR and VR

Increasingly, businesses have the opportunity to implement advanced graphic display and simulation technologies on their web platforms to engage customers in immersive environments (spaces that reproduce virtual reality) and empower them to better understand information about their products and services.

In this sense, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) improve the customer experience because they individualize offers and allow users to view products before purchasing.

They are so useful that online shopping is projected to use these tools this year to drive the decisions of some 100 million consumers, according to research firm Gartner.

2. Use voice-enabled solutions

Doing voice searches is becoming more and more common thanks to the ease of asking the question and getting immediate answers about a topic or product on the Internet. In 2020 alone, 50% of mobile inquiries are expected to be via voice, according to ComScore data.

This represents an opportunity for e-commerce because, by developing good voice search SEO practices, companies may maintain a good position and appear at the top of searches that are not just written.

3. Adapt platform to mobile

Did you know that mobile commerce represents 20% of all electronic commerce in America ? It is the item that will grow the most given the penetration of smartphones that increases by 12% a year or more, according to Linio data.

In this scenario, e-commerce needs to adapt to users’ mobile devices to provide a smooth shopping experience, incorporate data protection measures and payment options that go beyond debit or credit cards, for example: smart wallets or virtual prepaid cards.

4. Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The development of technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence is a trend that revolutionizes the way of selling on the Web. Not surprisingly, it is expected that in 2020 around 60% of businesses will implement it and that 30% of the income generated will come from it, according to the Gartner study “Artificial Intelligence Set To Transform Digital Commerce Marketing”.

In fact, using chatbots is a convenient way to strengthen AI ecommerce strategies. These robots are tools designed to facilitate, through humanized conversations, on-site decision-making, 24/7 support and personalized experiences, explains digital solutions developer Synoptek.

5. Include social commerce tactics

Social networks are means that serve to engage audiences and position a brand. Today they are also a powerful purchasing channel.

This 2020 is the year of social commerce as more and more customers buy directly from social media platforms instead of going to an application or online store after discovering a product, explains the CEO of Socialbakers, Yuval Ben-Itzhak.

It is an excellent strategy that complements ecommerce to improve the online shopping experience. Pay from a social network, buy direct in an ad or use chatbots that guide users to find and buy, are some examples of the social commerce tactics that will set this trend according to HubSpot.

Take your ecommerce to a new level

As you can see, the technologies and strategies to satisfy the new consumption habits from the ecommerce platforms are being transformed. If you want to go at the same pace, it is crucial that you improve your marketing processes and drive selling online with technology. So take advantage of everything that is within your company’s reach and boost your online store! Visit for faster transit at unbeatable rates.

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