For the love of the Sun.

When we talk about Sun worshippers nowadays we are generally referring to those of us who like to lounge around on a beach or by a pool getting a tan on holiday. However, if you go back to Neolithic times it seems that Sun Worshippers is quite a literal thing as opposed to the figurative now. Whatever your views are on the Sun its much better to view it though Windows Dublin or Cardiff or London or Torremolinos wherever you are as there provide some protection from its rays. A quick visit to https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin/ can help you if you need some new ones.

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Our ancestors were very keen on praising the Sun. They held it in high regard. Its easy to understand why this was. With very little understanding of science and nature its quite natural to want to thank the big hot shiny thing that turns up every morning without fail making the dark go away and the plants grow. They liked it so much in UK that they built several stone circles to track its progress the biggest one being Stonehenge an incredible achievement considering the technology at the time which was basically humans, rope and wood logs.

This praising of the Sun carries on into some of the first ancient civilisation such as the Egyptians who saw a lot of Sun where they lived and needed to be respectful of it. Amun was thought to be the God that lived in the Sun providing it’s light but as mentioned it was very important to them and they also had Bast, Nut and Menhit as well.

Greeks noticed that the Sun moved across the sky which led them to have a Helios. The Sun was his Chariot that he drove through the day. It does show some beginnings of understanding astronomy, but they made up for that by deducing that Helios was the son of Hyperion God of light and Theia the Goddess of Light and blue sky also something they get a lot of in Greece.

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The Roman Empire was never one to not steal other peoples Gods and the Greeks were one they did it from quite regularly. They had Sol and he was the main source of their religion for decades until a small Jewish sect started to make some big waves throughout the Empire. The biggest celebration was Saturnalia in the middle of winter as it was a big call for Sol to return in the Spring and heat up the world again. It’s the reason why we have Christmas, the birth of Jesus, in December. The Christian religion and the Sol religion were going to cause a major civil war, so the Emperor Constantine chose one but kept some traditions in place.

But that’s never entered you head when the factor 50 is being applied.

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