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Get fit with the fitball

Get fit with the fitball. The exercises that we can do with the fitball are called slow fitness , which means that they are soft training but allow the body to work very completely, although the core is the biggest beneficiary of these exercises, that is, the middle part where there are the abdominal area, the gluteals, and the pelvic floor. Before working with the fitball it is highly recommended that you check that the ball is in good condition, that it is not partially deflated, and that it maintains the proper hardness. To review it you can sit on it and notice how the first concentric line is crushed.

Remember also that some exercises require you to climb on the ball in situations of instability, and if you do not have much practice it will probably be difficult for you to maintain your balance to get the starting position. Do not hesitate to help the wall, as a stop, to get control of the fitball.

The proprioception lies in the search for balanceGet fit with the fitball

The use of fitball requires working with the sense of proprioception, that is, with balance and spatial perception, and with how we feel the relative position of our body with respect to the outside. The proprioception is carried out when we are entering the fitball, and at the same time, we are forced to maintain balance, taking the weight of our effort generally to the muscles of the core, which make medium point with respect to the spatial position of all our body.

This sense of proprioception also promotes better postural control and a greater ability to keep our body stable in situations where balance is put to the test. Therefore, fitball gives you integral conditioning, because by exercising with them you are working on coordination, balance, resistance, flexibility, and strength. It is one of the best tips to get fit.

Buttocks and legsGet fit with the fitball

Place the fitball on the wall, to make it easier to move, and lie on your back on the floor, placing your legs straight and your arms along your body. Raise your feet on the fitball, so that the starting position of this exercise leaves the head and arms on the ground and the upper part of the back in the air. The knees will form a 90-degree angle. In this way, bend the knees while you move the fitball towards you, and return to the starting position. It is one of the best tips to get fit.

ABSGet fit with the fitball

Lie up on the fitball, placing the lower part of your back on top of the ball. Form a 90-degree angle with your legs and back. Put your hands behind the nape of the neck and raise the trunk doing abdominal strength, ensuring that the ball does not move. Retrieve the initial position and make another upload. To work the obliques, maintaining the same initial position, raise the trunk to one side as if the right elbow tried to touch the left knee, and vice versa. It is one of the best tips to get fit.

WaistGet fit with the fitball

Use the fitball to sit down, keep your legs together and your back straight. Exercise a circular motion, without moving your hip, to the left, and keep your back straight. Repeat the movement, this time to the right. It is one of the best tips to get fit.

Shoulders and back Get fit with the fitball

This exercise simulates rowing. Use dumbbells, selecting your weight according to your capacity. Sit on the fitball, holding the dumbbells with your palms up and watch your back stay straight. Form an angle of 90 degrees by bending the elbow, this will be the initial position. Move your arms forward and when you reach the level of the knees go back, reaching the hips. It is one of the best tips to get fit.

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