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How to Make a Real Estate Property Video in 30 minutes

Real estate is a lucrative market, and real estate companies are trying their best to be the market leader. They apply several techniques to generate more leads in the market, and including the video in the campaign boosts sales.

According to a report, real estate listings that include a solid video of their property get 400 times more inquiries than general listings. Real estate videos have become an integral part of the real estate marketing campaign in recent years. Viewers particularly like to watch tour videos and presentations that are more likely to draw more attention.

One thing is for sure, not all the videos are created equally. Since hiring a professional video production company can be expensive, this guide will help you create quality real estate videos in 30 minutes and at a pocket-friendly price.

How to make a quality video for the real estate?

You need to keep in mind several things while creating real estate videos. Some of the crucial steps are given below.

1. Planning and writing script for the real estate video

Prepare a script before going ahead. Make sure that the storyline is completely crispy and capable of delivering an outstanding result. When you have a strong story, it will take less effort to shoot and edit the video. Generally, unprofessional videos and poor stories take more time for editing.

●      Plan the video like a virtual tour 

People mainly relate to themselves when they see any virtual tour. Therefore, plan a route that you will take through the property and show each room along the way. Your demonstration should be on the way as if the viewer is going along with the video. Room transition footage can be assembled later by a real estate video editor, which will provide a seamless experience for the viewer.

●      Prepare a storyboard 

Preparing a storyboard based on the script will help you ensure that the real estate video tour is easy to follow. Plus, the storyboard helps get another reference to get all the shots you need when recording the video.

●      Include information about the neighborhood 

Though the home is the main concern for the viewer, you still need to put some information regarding your neighborhood, the location, and the distance between the prime location and the spot where the property is established. You can also add some shots of the neighborhood in your video. In this way, the viewers will get a 360° degree idea of the property.

2. Recording the real estate video 

Recording the real estate video is crucial and needs proper technique. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

●      The video should look clean 

The quality of the video improves when you shoot the video as per the plan. Real estate properties need thousands of dollars as investments, and a viewer won’t like to invest in a property that looks pale, messy, or old. The video presentation is the first step towards introducing the property to a potential customer, and therefore, make sure that the property is cleaned thoroughly before going to shoot the video.

Before shooting the video, you need to get rid of as much clutter as possible. Rearrange the home a little bit so that vital decorations and other small pieces of the furniture don’t fade away the positive impression of the viewers.

●      Ensure good lighting during filming 

Good lighting is the key when you are shooting real estate videos. When the home is lit properly, everything looks good. So, try to use the ring light or other artificial light source during the shooting.

Since many people prefer to spend their time in the lap of nature, natural light would be best to impress them. So, choose a sunny day for shooting the video. The lack of natural light makes the outdoor footage look pale, resulting in depression.

●      Use a tripod for image stabilization

Stabilization in the footage is the biggest thing that everyone should focus on. If the video footage is unstable, it will draw a bad impression, and chances are the viewer may skip the video without seeing it till the end. Holding a camera in your hands and recording the footage around the property will produce shaky video. To avoid this issue, it is best to use a tripod and take footage with it. These tripods come with a special camera mounting system by which you can move the camera for panoramic footage or can up and down when required.

If you are using any high-end recording device to make real estate videos, you can use the image stabilization technique available there. Stabilized video footage can deliver outstanding results to impress viewers.

●      Turn on the ceiling fans during filming 

If the property is already developed, that must have ceiling fans and turn them on at low speed, which can be initiated into the short. It will make the space more alive without taking people’s attention away.

3. Editing the real estate videos 

After storyboarding and filming, real estate video editor plays a crucial role in making the video footage free from flaws and watch-worthy. A good real estate video must be engaging and soothing to watch. Using many transitions will confuse and annoy the viewers. Therefore, it is recommended to use basic editing tricks like cuts and crossfades.

●      Keep useful information on the screen 

Including text pop-ups during the story narration would be more attractive than the simple video. Make sure that you have kept the screen out of flaws by omitting footage that is too heavy or does not bear any information. Use the magical combination of text, music, voiceover, and video during the editing. Never increase the length of the video, and the narration should be in a gentle but effective voice. In this way, you can easily communicate with the viewers and can deliver the message properly to the audience.

Never forget to include the video’s brand name, logo, and contact number

Before starting the video, include a small intro. Make sure that the intro lasts only a couple of seconds and displays the brand name and logo. The contact information also needs to be shown on the screen. Never hesitate to show your phone number or email address to let the viewers contact you easily when required.


Call-to-action is the need of the hour. Before ending the video, ask people to like, share and subscribe to your channel. Plus, ask them to share their views on the given contact number. It extends the vulnerability of the video.


Real estate videos play a crucial role in elevating the brand’s popularity. So, following these tips will let you create quality videos that can impress the audience.

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