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How to tell if a mango is ripe?

Many people can’t tell if a mango is ripe when they pick it up. So the next time you grab a mango to enjoy, use this simple trick to determine whether or not you should store it for later. First, check the stem of the fruit. If it is brown and withered, then the fruit is fully ripe. Next, poke your thumbnail into the skin of one of the cheeks beneath the stem. These tips can help you determine if your mango is ready for eating!

How to tell if a mango is ripe?

How to tell if a mango is ripe

Telltale signs:

The most obvious and most important sign that your mango is ripe is that it should be fragrant. If you can smell the fragrance from inside the fruit, it’s ripe. But you can also check for signs of ripeness on the outside of the fruit. If you squeeze the fruit, it should yield somewhat, or at least shouldn’t be too hard. The skin should be thin and smooth, with no cracks or tears.

The smell:

Mangoes can be a complicated fruit to figure out. They have a unique shape and size, and the only way to tell if they’re ripe is by smelling them. Generally, mangoes ripen quickly, so you should be able to smell them if they’re ripe. They can be very fragrant, and some people say they smell like flowers.

The taste:

Mangoes have a distinctive flavor that’s hard to describe, and they change as the fruit ripens. At first, they’re very sweet, but then they become tangy. The more ripe you get, the sweeter they get. You should be able to tell when a mango is ripe by its taste.

The look:

Different countries eat different fruit, but the one thing every country has in common is the need to know how to tell if a mango is ripe. Mangoes are seen as the apex of deliciousness, but without knowing how to pick out ripe mangoes can ruin this for any individual. The way to tell if a mango is ripe: first, see if it’s too hard or too soft.

The weight:

You can tell if a mango is ripe by the amount of weight it has. The heavier the fruit, the more ripe it is. This is one of the best ways to tell if a mango is ripe.

The color:

If a mango is ripe, the skin should be a dark orange. It may be hard to see, but if the mango is orange, it’s probably ripe.


I am going to tell you how to tell if a mango is ripe. The first thing you want to do is make sure the green on the stem has turned black. This means it’s been on the tree long enough for the green to turn brown and dry, but be careful because there can still be some moisture on the skin of the fruit. Next, flip the mango over and look at it from behind.

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