Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old Violin?

Upgrading your old violin is not as easy as how it may seem. Your old violin might be like an old toy that you wanted to keep forever when you were still a kid. You may have countless memories and history with it but the time will come that you will grow old and you have to grow apart from it. The same is true with your violin instrument. It might be extremely difficult for you to figure out when it is time to upgrade your old violin but believe it or not, the end of the road will come when your current violin is not quite perfect for you anymore.

Reasons on why it’s time to upgrade your old violin

In case you are still hesitant or confused, here are some significant reasons why it is time to upgrade your old violin:

To develop new skills

One of the most significant reasons for upgrading your old violin is to develop new skills. You have to be aware that there are various types of violins out there aside from that particular violin which you used to play and perform with. Your beginner violin may not suit you anymore as you transition to more advanced lessons. Upgrading your old violin will allow you to experiment on different types of violins to be more professional in playing it.

Worn out violin

Having a worn-out violin is the ultimate reason for you to upgrade your old violin. There is no more hesitation and confusion on your part because it is inevitable that you have to upgrade your old violin once it was already worn out. You can never play and perform at your best with a worn-out violin.

Trying a new brand

If you try to observe different shops and stores that offer violin instruments, you will realize that there are an endless number of violin brands that are available out there. Trying a new brand aside from the violin brand that you used to perform and play with is a wise strategy to become more versatile in playing with different violin instruments.

Need to upgrade to a new violin size

When you have started playing with your violin instrument as a kid, the time will come that you will grow older and taller. Having said that, you will need to upgrade your old violin to a new violin size because you are literally getting bigger. You can’t be stuck playing with your little violin as it would make things uncomfortable for you since you’d have bigger hands and longer arms. Aside from that, you have to be aware of which violin size is well suited for your needs. You can ask your violin teacher, friends who play violin, or the store clerk for advice regarding the right violin size you should purchase.

Transitioning from a beginner to intermediate or professional

There are some particular violin instruments that are intended for an amateur or a beginner violinist. On the other hand, there are also some violin instruments that are intended for an intermediate or even a professional violinist. You have to be aware when it is time for you to transition from a beginner to an intermediate or a professional violin instrument. Deciding when it’s time all depends on your current skills.


Growing and learning with your instrument will soon lead you to require improving it to a more sophisticated and upgraded musical instrument. Your old violin will never be useless because it has served its purpose. When it is time for you to upgrade your old violin, it only means that you have come so far and you have made quite a lot of progress since you started playing with your musical instrument.

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