Is Male Hair Loss Genetically Inherited?

If you’re a man who is losing hair, then the chances are that it’s actually a hereditary condition. It’s more common for baldness to be caused by genetics than it is for a condition to be caused by external factors, such as exposure to harmful chemicals or the like. So, what’s the truth about male hair loss and if it’s genetic, how can one deal with it?

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Hair loss is typically caused by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When the body produces too much DHT, it stops the follicle from producing the right amount of hair and leaves it damaged and lifeless. This is why many men start to notice thinning of their scalps around the head and neck, and why they become extremely self-conscious when their hair begins to fall out. And in some cases, if a man has very little testosterone in his system, he may also have to deal with male hair loss. But in most cases, it’s a matter of the hormones not working as well in men, and many men have started to use treatments to counter this. Find out about Scalp micropigmentation cost at a site like His Hair Clinic, where you can find out How much does it cost for scalp micropigmentation

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A simple trip online will reveal many websites where balding can be treated, even if the cause of the problem is a hormone but the only real way to find out whether a certain treatment will work for you or not is to visit your doctor and discuss the issue. The best advice for treating baldness is to try natural methods first.


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