Tips for saving romance in winter

Dating is associated with joy and pleasure, especially if we have just met a person and are truly in love. However, from time to time this joy is overshadowed by doubts. We ask ourselves, “Is this the person with whom I can live my whole life? We match each other in bed but does this person share my values?” Long holidays, full of meetings and events, can be the first test of love relationships on strength.

If you want your relationship to survive in December and January, first of all, discuss in detail with your partner the basic rules regarding such things as gifts, holiday events and private time.


“Once I broke up with a woman whom I liked because I did not know what to give her for the New Year,” said 42-year-old Alexander. You are dating, and you feel good together, but you know almost nothing about this person. Choosing a gift becomes a real headache. To give too expensive a present or to choose something insignificant means the loved one may be offended. The partner also thinks about what to present to you, and just like you, they doubt and suffer. Some men still do not know how to talk to girls on Tinder, and should we mention such an important affair as choosing presents?

The best way to decide on gifts is to agree on what they will be. The best option is to give each other an impression. By purchasing tickets to a theater or concert, quest, or costume party, you invest in developing relationships.


You do not have to attend all the celebrations that take place in your city. The best option is a party in the house of mutual friends. There you will feel free and easy. Other activities should be selected with caution.

If you have been invited to a party with colleagues, people usually come there with spouses or long-time partners. If you still do not know how serious your relationship is, it is better to refuse to meet colleagues who can ruin your mood by asking questions about weddings, children, and other intimate things. However, if you meet from time to time and both consciously avoid a closer relationship, you can go to a corporate party and have a great time.

Family dinners are not for the faint of heart. You can be courageous and introduce your partner to your family but try to clearly explain to them exactly what kind of relationship you are connected to. If you’ve been familiar for just a month, it’s embarrassing to answer questions about a joint future or to look at albums with family photos all evening.


Relationships may end due to holiday stress. After a working day, you have to go for gifts, then to a party. What kind of romance can we talk about after all this, right? Holidays require sacrifice on all fronts: the end of the year at work is meeting all deadlines at once, and family and friends require intense communication. However, if you and your partner dream of a romantic date, do not deny yourself this. You only need to plan it at least a few days in advance. You have the right to rest after intensive work, exhausting shopping and dinner with relatives.

Do not invent anything special – now you do not have the strength to do so. Let everything be simple: for example, walk through the park and have dinner in a quiet place or go to the skating rink and drink a glass of mulled wine. Tell each other about your affairs and concerns, share your dreams and childhood memories. Do you understand each other? Do you feel good together? It is such moments that become the beginning of a strong relationship.

Here are a few tips for men on how to add novelty to your relationship with simple and cute romantic gestures:

  1. Order an unusual postcard with a love message

Love notes or postcards show the partner that you spent time and showed imagination by writing an unusual text. To make her especially pleased, leave a postcard in a place where she will look but will not expect such a surprise. If you are ready to invest, you can make a card to order specifically for her.

  1. Kiss her out of a sudden

A kiss, by definition, should be unexpected. What could be more romantic? Such a kiss shows the beloved woman that she is always welcome for you, no matter how busy you both currently are.

  1. Compliment her when she looks in the mirror

Looking at herself in the mirror, she wants her appearance to match (or even surpass) her internal ideas of herself. If at such a moment, you compliment her, then you give her an extra boost of confidence, helping her to love and value herself more. It strengthens her feelings towards you (for all the components of love).

  1. Take on some of her household duties.

By devoting more time to household chores, you will show how you value the balance in the relationship and allow her to relax a bit on hard winter days.

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