Tips for traveling cheap: What everyone should know

Everyone likes to take a vacation from time to time and maybe visit new places. But as any good traveler knows, moving is expensive and even large numbers of sum can go between flight, accommodation and meals. So how to do it if you don’t want to spend a sum?

In truth, for traveling cheap it is enough to follow a series of simple tips that, at first sight will seem trivial, but that will allow you to face even long journeys with modest figures.

So let’s see all the tips for traveling with little money …

traveling cheap

Flexibility to save on travel

If you want to travel at low cost, then you need to be as flexible as possible. While it is true that booking a flight or train well in advance can save us a lot of money, it is also true that flying over the Christmas period will certainly cost much more than flying in the low season. So if you want to travel often and spend little, the first advice is to avoid high season periods. You may leave during the week rather than on the weekends and, above all, don’t be too picky about goals.

Many sites allow you to compare prices between airlines, so you always booking at lowest price. When searching for the flight, you will also be told if the flight is direct or calls for a stopover. As absurd as it may seem, sometimes taking two flights is cheaper than taking one. If you are not in a hurry to arrive, and the price difference between direct flight and stopover flight is substantial, then opt for the longest flight, but with lower costs.

Finally, be careful during booking not to add unnecessary additional costs, such as priority boarding and the like, which will only increase the ticket price. For trains, this is similar to that of airplanes, but always pay close attention to promotions.

Choose hotels to stay low-cost

Even when choosing where to stay, you need to be flexible and intelligent, to traveling cheap. If you are looking for a 5-star hotel in Time Square, you will obviously spend an exaggerated amount. Many times it is better to take a hotel slightly outside the center, as long as it is well connected by public transport. Taking a hotel on the outskirts, but spending money on a taxi every night becomes counterproductive.

Do not disdain the possibility of going to a hostel. These, in fact, often found in the full historical center of the cities, cost little and give the possibility to have a room with a private bathroom. Finally, you can always consider the assumption by taking a room or sharing an apartment with others, so as to save on accommodation. Whatever your choice, some tips remain the same: first, check if breakfast is included or not in the reservation. A hearty breakfast can save you on lunch. Check then what they say on the web of the structure where you are going to book: if the comments of those who have been there are negative as “dirty rooms”, “in a dangerous area” etc. then you desist! Better to spend a few euros more in another hotel than to spoil your holiday.

Eat at low cost

If you are traveling cheap, then you can’t give up eating what the locals eat. Therefore, the first tip is to avoid expensive tourist restaurants. In general, they can be recognized at a glance, because all customers are obviously travelers. Then every culture has its own street food. During the day, to stay light, use the street stalls. You will pay little and eat typical dishes. For dinner, on the other hand, don’t be ashamed to ask the people of the place where to eat well, and also to use the tourist offices.

Spend little on transport and museums

For transport, museums and tours, it is best to inform yourself before leaving or contact you as soon as you arrive at the tourist offices. All the major cities of the world offer tickets, daily or weekly passes. Consider big the city is and, more or less, what places you want to visit. So buy the option that’s right for you.

As for museums, generally, they always have one day a week, which is free. Make a list of the museums you want to visit and look at the days when you don’t pay admission.

If you are a good walker, then know that often the tourist cities offer free walking tours with a guide. It is enough to be found at an hour and an established place and, in some cases, to book in advance.

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