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Tuna meatballs recipe

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Tuna meatballs, we start from the leftovers of bread. And with the crumb, a very healthy dish is kneaded. You can prepare fried or baked: the important thing is to serve them hot at the table. They are perfect as first, second or as a main dish: the important thing is not to go beyond 6 centimeters in diameter. Use the potatoes to soften the meatballs.


The breadcrumbs, with its surplus, is one of the most important and significant waste in our kitchens. And yet, starting from the leftovers of the bread, you can prepare an extraordinary dish, very healthy: the tuna meatballs. Fried or baked. With the addition of an equally healthy sauce, and perhaps with an anchovy fillet that tastes the recipe and, at the same time, increases its benefits. This dish also has another quality, not to be underestimated: you can serve it at lunch or at dinner, as a first, second, or single dish. But here in detail the simplest and most effective of all the recipes for preparing tuna meatballs.


Tuna meatballs recipe

-300 grams of tuna

-60 grams of grated Parmesan cheese

-120 grams of breadcrumbs moistened with a little milk and squeezed

-2 eggs and 1 yolk

-Chopped parsley


-Extra virgin olive oil for frying

PREPARATIONTuna meatballs recipe

– Mix all the ingredients: if the mixture is too soft, add some more moist bread. To make the tuna meatballs even softer, add two potatoes while adding a few anchovy fillets, some capers and chives to make them even tastier.

– Form meatballs 5-6 cm in diameter and then fry them in hot oil. Alternatively, to make it lighter, proceed with baking.

– Serve them with a side dish of tomatoes or other vegetables to taste.

– Also, prepare a sauce to accompany the meatballs: mix together a jar of Greek yogurt, the juice of half a lemon and then add a pinch of salt, a few cloves of garlic and rocket and chili according to your taste.

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