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What are some of the most iconic menswear garments?

There is an interesting trend in the men’s fashion industry – classic menswear is coming back. Classic menswear usually refers to those kinds of garments that are considered timeless, elegant and classy. This is different from contemporary menswear which tends to be more trendy, hip hop and with a more cutting edge appearance. So, what are some of the most iconic menswear garments?

The first one on the list is of course the pair of classic khakis. These are just as important now as they were decades ago. As we all know, many men love to wear khakis not only because they are comfortable, but also because they can show off their personality and they offer an alternative to always wearing denim.

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Denim jeans have been around for decades. During the early to mid 80s, they were so popular and everybody wanted to have at least one pair. But over time, the classic, standard denim style became boring for many people due to the emergence of lighter, thinner and more fashionable denim fabrics like stretchy jean fabric. This has sparked a new classic menswear trend – the classic faded denim and tighter skinny jeans.

Denim jeans have always been popular but the fashion for them took a huge leap forward when Hollywood stars began wearing them. Before then, when men chose to wear denim trousers, they usually wore them in work environments where they had to deal with a lot of heat and would have to preserve their jeans for long periods of time. The denim fabric was so heavy and was very uncomfortable. However, denim made its way into the fashion industry because many celebrities such as movie stars and rock bands began wearing this type of denim fabric.

The classic look of denim is evident in jeans, jackets, and other clothing items. Many men choose to wear it with shirts, t-shirts, or as casual jeans. Some may even choose to wear it along with a suit. There is no doubt that denim fabric has made an incredible impact on menswear.  Great denim pieces can be found at a number of different retailers. It is definitely something men will want to have in their wardrobe.

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The humble t-shirt is another iconic menswear garment. What started as underwear for keeping warm has since revolutionised the fashion world. There are literally thousands of varieties, from graphic prints and different colours to V neck styles and different fabrics. The classic white, navy or black t-shirt can be worn for a huge range of occasions, dressed up or down and offers great comfort and breathability for the busy modern man.

Trainers are an essential part of most men’s wardrobes too. What started as footwear for athletes has become so popular that whole industries now specialise in nothing but sneakers. Comfortable, stylish, suitable for all weathers and terrains, trainers have now become an iconic part of menswear since the 1980s.


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