Why the Right Office Lighting Is Vital

We spend about a third of our lives at work, so it’s important that the working environment facilitates a productive workplace. Lighting is an important factor: dim lighting may cause drowsiness (logical when you think we are programmed to sleep when it gets dark). It may have other effects too.

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Aside from the obvious – that being that lighting is essential for health and safety reasons, so we can see where things are and not trip over – lighting has an impact on health and productivity.

There are some obvious problems with poor lighting: headaches, eye strain and even musculoskeletal problems because people sit in awkward positions so they can see when the lighting is poor. If you are in doubt about what to do, consider contacting one the many office fit out companies around for advice about ways to improve lighting.

It’s not just insufficient lighting that is the problem. Harsh lights and glare cause their own set of problems; fluorescent lights can cause eye strain. And let’s not even talk about those annoying flickering lights. Visit Mobius at work for more information on office fit outs and further information.

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Keep It Natural

Wherever possible, use natural light. It has been proven that humans unconsciously look for natural light. It helps prevent depression, helps people be more productive and reduces eye strain. Something else rarely considered is the age of your employees. According to the Dementia Services Development Centre, older employees need more light to see properly than their younger counterparts.

What Else?

  • Consider the positioning of monitors and lights so you can reduce glare. If all else fails, provide anti-glare screens.
    • Enable dimmer switches so that lighting can be dimmed to a suitable level. Remember that what is suitable for one person may not be suitable for the next. You may have to consider providing anti-glare glasses or glasses with tinted lenses to some employees.
    • Computer screens should face away from windows (for security as well as lighting).
    • Ensure you have adjustable blinds.
    • LED lights are useful if they are close to where employees work – they don’t generate heat and don’t give off UV radiation.When in doubt, take advice from the experts. It is so easy to make lighting adjustments, and it could improve your productivity.

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