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4 Ways To Promote and Market Your Brand Face-to-face

We live in an age where internet and other “non-in-person” types of communication are on the rise and becoming more and more important for your business and your brand. However, there are still businesses that can do very little or even nothing online and for whom the more traditional brand promotion and marketing are a must. Here, you will find 4 traditional face-to-face ways in which you can promote and market your brand or business, whatever it might be. These are crucial and you need to keep them in mind.

1. Go Out for Drinks/meals/events with your Partners

This harkens back to the good old days of overweight business owners in half-sweaty shirts and pants that are just a bit too tight, going out for bourbon and steaks and making deals. Well, the truth is that these days, even though the business-owners are a bit less sweaty and bit less likely to drink bourbon, this still works and this is still the very basic way of doing business, something that you also need to do. When you meet with your partners or important clients face to face, you can establish a connection that will be more than just providing a service or a product. You become “friends” and this can only be beneficial for your business.

2. Visit/exhibit at Trade Shows

When it comes to trade shows, it is important not to listen to all the doomsayers who are saying that trade shows are dead and that there is no reason to visit them, let alone exhibiting at trade shows. In fact, more than 80% of people who visit trade shows have buying authority and even if are not interested in exhibiting at your own exhibition stands, just attending and networking at trade shows is a smart thing to do when it comes to promoting your brand or business. You will find people from your field there and you will be able to expand your network of contacts immeasurably.

3. Work Your Local Media

Your local media might have a very small base of viewers/listeners/readers but it is still your community and these are the people that you are most likely going to be doing business with. Also, you never know which local story could go regional or even national. This is why you should always stay in touch with the local media, offer them your expertise and not even ask for a quote. Just be a helping hand from time to time and in time, you may actually become the expert that they call on to when they need a comment or advice.

4. Organize Your Own Events

When people start thinking about organizing their own event, they tend to go too large and they get discouraged. The fact is that you can organize a perfectly effective and attractive event even if you do not spend too much or go totally epic with it. For instance, you can invite your clients and your partners for a Saturday in your local park; organize some snacks, a pickup game of something or something small and cute like that. The important thing is to keep it casual and relaxed and people will start associating your brand with good times.

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